March Work Log

This month we are focusing on 21st century literacies!


Math Games Based on Skill

We started by watching a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Paradigms in education which you can find below!

Continuing the conversation, we began to look at what 21st century literacies really are focusing on communication and collaboration! The MARSHMALLOW CHALLENGE article is great for a discussion about just that! Facilitating discussions in your classroom!

February Work Log
Facilitated by Denise Grippaldi
2/4/11 ~ Today we introduced everyone to the Smartboard Software. We learned how to set it up, align the board, and use basic functions. Everyone saw immediate applications to their classrooms. Our "homework" is to email Denise with questions we want answered for next week OR bring a memory stick with a ditto to next week's meeting for the group to turn it into an interactive lesson.

2/11/11 ~ Today we took dittos from history and language arts and made them interactive. We learned how to put answers on the screen and "hide" them from the students.

2/18/11 ~ Today we explored using websites on the Smartboard. We played some of the Study Island games to see which were compatible. We did experience some very slow internet connections today.

2/25/11 ~ Wow, did you see the medieval pyramid Joe built to use on SmartBoard or the "magically appearing" vocab words Laura created ~ have you played Skunk with the math dept? If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you missed a great February PLC on the SmartBoard!! Nice working with you all.

January Work Log

Facilitated by Christina Spiezio

During this month, we continued working with Google Apps, such as Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Presentations. We spent time learning each tool, creating examples, and constructing lessons to use the tools in our classrooms!

December Work Log

Facilitated by Christina Spiezio

Step One: Go to and log in on the top right corner.
Step Two: Click "More" on the top left corner and click Documents.

Step Three: Click "Create New" on the left side and click "Document"
Step Four: Rename your file by clicking the words "Untitled Document". After doing this, a new screen will open allowing you to rename the document.
Step Five: Begin typing your first document! I suggest choosing a general question you would like to ask a colleague of your choice. Maybe you'd like advice on a lesson, a new idea for a project, or simply want to know what they're doing next weekend!
Step Six: After creating your document, click the "Share" arrow in the top left corner.
Step Seven: Click "Email viewers/editors". Enter your colleague's email address (preferably someone in the PLC) and click send!
external image google-logo_2.jpg

Youtube Videos
Why Google Apps for Educators?
Watershed School 6th Grades Talk about Using Google Apps

Examples of Google Docs at Work!
An International Welcome Back to School
Group Book Guide
Class Review

Convinced? Let's Get Started!

Don't have a Google Account? Click here!

Picture_1.png Once you've created your Google Account, let's begin experimenting with Google Docs! But wait... what is this again??

Google Docs in Plain English

Now we've got the hang of it!

PLC group, you have a task to accomplish! Watch the following video and begin creating your very own Google Document! Don't worry about sharing it! We'll do that next week!

For now, visit the site and complete the tasks given!

Google Docs Task

November Work Log

Facilitated by Christina Spiezio

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTJdxZGoxdEiy2kSxiTecmOjGFU_s_Tl6V8kc_do9P_YVvQqeVy

Google Doc for Glog Ideas!

Sample Glogs

Our PLC is beginning to MASTER glogster! This week, we shared some of the glogs we have been creating independently, as well as with our classes. After sharing, we revisiting adding podcasts into the glog by using Audacity and other podcasting devices. Since we're starting to really work with the tool, questions are arising and kinks need to be worked out! Let's figure them out together! Post your glog problems in the discussion tab!

Having worked with glogster for a few weeks now, our PLC is beginning to use this tool with their students! Because of this, some questions were coming up! During this session, we used Poll Everywhere to share questions, comments, or concerns we're having with glogster. These questions were addressed together, and the play continues :)

Now that our PLC group is working like pros with glogster, we worked together to generate some ideas for how we can use this in our content areas. Using a Google Doc, we were able to work together on one document to share ideas in a place that we can refer back to as needed for creative ways to use Glogster!

Facilitated by Christina Spiezio

October Work Log

Today we introduced Glogster to the 7th grade teachers. With Glogster, teachers can make interactie posters with text, images, video, and audio to show their understanding of the topic. This week, all teachers set up free accounts and free accounts for their students!

Today we worked on the more advanced options of Glogster. Teachers learned how to add videos from School Tube into their glogs to enhance their posters! We also worked on creating our own teacher-made podcasts using Audacity and learned how to import them (and other audio files) onto the glog pages!

Bonnie Henry and Judy Freifeld are becoming techies right before our eyes! Can't wait to see everyone's results at the end of the month!

Stingers and Rockets I&RS Meetings today. Anyone interested in a "worksession" for today meet in Room 218 @ noon, bring your lunch!

Work session and sharing session on "glogs in process". These are some of the current ideas at work:
  • Incorporating Geometer sketchpad into a Teacher glog
  • SS poster project for Chapter 6
  • PSA English
  • Science glogster project

We discussed where to go from here and have decided to stay with this topic for November.