Facilitated by Cliff Minning
10/8/10 Great discussion today! What can we do to get more students to be responsible when it comes to homework? How do we make the parents responsible? How do we keep students from getting into trouble after school, now that there is no extra school activiites? How can we get more parents involved in their child's education? How can we make the parents that do not speak English feel more at home at Hoover? All great questions - no easy answers!!!

Facilitated by Miss Treglia 11/12/10
Looking at Homework Review Strategies

Facilitated by Miss Treglia 11/19/10
Parent Involvement:
  • Targeting students (using data) to create parent packets for.
  • What do we want parents to know about their child’s lowest performance area/s?
  • Creating a content language that parents will understand.
  • Generating individualized work for parents to use/practice with their child.
  • Progress accountability-keeping touch with parents throughout process.

If you are thinking about joining, please bring your NJASK cluster scores and/or any student work or data that you can use to choose targeted students who would benefit from active parent involvement.

Facilitated by Miss Treglia 12/3/10
Parent Involvement:
  • Decisions Day!
  • We will be looking over the draft parent letter that will be sent home to introduce the program. What changes do we want to make? What do we want the program to look like? Do we want to create a wiki? What information do we want to include on the wiki?

Facilitated by Miss Treglia 12/10/10
Parent Involvement:
  • Creating and adding to the 7th grade NJASK resources Wiki: njask7resources.wikispaces.com
  • Researching websites/games/resources to link to the Wiki for further information and practice regarding the NJASK clusters for Language Arts and Math.
  • Creating a clear language to describe each of the clusters..."Plain English" :)

Facilitated by Mr Tchorz 01/07/11
Open Ended Questions In All Classes
  • We spoke about open-eneded responses and their importance in all classrooms not just English.
  • Began explaining the process of assigning an open ended response in class and what each step looks like in the process.
  • We looked at four examples of open ended responses from a Social Studies and identified positives and negatives of each and assigned scores of 1-4 for each.
  • Next we will continue speaking about the steps in the open ended response process and have time to work with fellow teachers to begin to create open ended questions.
  • The presentation for this topic is at: https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=ddbdpf3p_3d9fh9gfp

Facilitated by Mrs. Henry & Mr. Tchorz 01/14/11
Open Ended Questions in All Classes
  • We finished talking about the steps in the open ended process and then reinforced the idea of PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
  • Mrs Henry shared some examples of open ended responses she had students complete in class this week relating to a Current Science article about a flu drug and prescription drugs in general.
  • As a group, we looked at quality student examples and identified the positive aspects of these particular students' responses.
  • In smaller groups, we read through some other student examples of varying scores and levels and identified errors students were making when composing an open ended response in class.

Facilitated by Mr. Tchorz 1/21/11
Open Ended Questions in All Classes
  • As a group, we began to try to implement ideas about open ended questions and apply to our classes.
  • Teachers created open ended questions they can possibly implement in class

Facilitated by Mr. Tchorz 1/28/11
Open Ended Questions in All Classes
  • Continued to work on creating open ended questions and looking for articles to use for open ended responses.

Facilitated by Mrs. Grippaldi 4/1/11
NJASK & Math Classes
Today we began making a plan of action to increase student motivation and build student confidence for the NJASK. Our them is Your Attitude is Your Altitude! There are 16 school days left until testing ...Let the countdown begin!!
Facilitated by Mrs. Grippaldi 4/4/11 and 4/8/11
NJASK & Math Classes
Survivor NJASK!! We have developed a week long game of survivor where students will be immersed in very intense NJASK practice through group and individual immunity and reward challenges that eventually will lead to the ultimate survivor. We are sooo excited and have assigned tasks to be completed by each member of the group so this will be successful. The 7th grade resource classes will also be involved in this game :-)
Facilitated by Mrs. Grippaldi 4/11/11 and 4/15/11
NJASK & Math Classes
Survivor NJASK!! We worked hard putting all of the tasks together, planning the days challenges, and making sure everyone knows what they are doing and has all of the materials they need.
Facilitated by Mrs. Grippaldi 4/18/11
NJASK & Math Classes
Survivor NJASK!! We put the finishing touches on our Survivor Game, even downloaded the music and decorated the doors and hallway tribal style!!
Facilitated by Mrs. Grippaldi 4/25/11
NJASK & Math Classes
Survivor NJASK!! We met and everyone said - so far, so good. The students are really motivated and we noticed that most level 2 students are working harder than ever to get problems correct to win reward! We are also getting better as the periods go on ourselves in keeping things moving and flowing. We will meet again Friday to discuss how it went, whether or not we want to keep it for next year, and what can we do to improve it.