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“For children especially, having access to technology is not a luxury, it is a social necessity.” –Ben Scott; Digital Inclusion: Social Justice in a Communications Age

General Wiki Ideas

Part One: Teacher Tips for Wiki Projects

Part Two: Teacher Tips for Wiki Projects

Using a Wiki to Organize Your Notes
50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom
Ten Interesting Ways to Use a Wiki in the Classroom
Ten Best Practices for Using Wikis in Education

21st Century Professional Resources


· Provides teachers with online tools and resources, lists state initiatives, links for publications, and professional development assistance

· Lesson plan ideas according to subject area or media issues, articles for more information, professional development, resources, and information about best practices

· Online workshops for teachers, lessons in online safety according to grade level and topic, Web 2.0 tools, and support materials

Resources for Interactive Games or Activities

· Popular children’s books read aloud by actors in a project by the Screen Actor’s Guild

· Online read-alouds, word and reading games, online coloring books, and create book illustrations

· Interactive games for students where they can name words, identify letters, and identify rhyming words when read aloud to them

Resources for Online Activities with Students in Other Classes

· Students work together to create visual presentations with video, images, and audio.

· Create online surveys, download, and analyze results of respondents with charts and graphs!

· Easy to use wiki with pages for discussion, photos, and videos. Good privacy for students, but there are ads on the site. E-mail for ad removal

Resources for Online Discussions

· Protected blog sites for educators. Allows users to upload files and post comments

· Free blogging service, allows group blogs with multiple authors, sidebar widgets like Twitter and

· Microblogging for educators and classes. Similar to Twitter, but for teachers. Updates for assignments, links, and upload files.

Resources for Online Learning Community with Learners from
Other Countries

· All users can create content, upload files, and discuss/edit pages and ideas

· Lists of websites teachers can use to help students collaborate with other international learners from the US DOE

· Global community of students, teachers, and academic experts, communication tools to connect students, teachers, and school districts… free!

Resources for Collaborating with Peers and Experts on Global
Issues, and Presenting Material for Feedback in an Online Community

· US Department of State sponsored challenge for middle and high school students to create web projects to explain their view on international affairs and global issues.

· Free service where teachers can match up with classes in other countries and collaborate on projects online or through video. Search by age, language, and content area.

· Free real time collaboration tool, workshop, chat, draw, group activities, share class notes for a project!

General Teacher Resources

· Teachers and students can create and share flash cards online; create a flashcard link and send to students for extra help!

· FREE resources for teachers! Create quizzes on the website, all students have user names and passwords and can take quizzes. Quizstar grades the quizzes and keeps the records for you

· 26 pages of educational websites for teachers to use!

· International Society for Technology in Education’s Language Arts resource page.

· Top 100 tools for learning in 2009

· Full text stories, articles, and books. Primary sources for images, videos, audio files