October Work Log

Facilitated by Denise Grippaldi


Great discussion for our first meeting. There was an exchange of many formative assessment ideas to be used in focus plans. We agreed that speculative writing needs to be addressed in all classes whenever possible. Next week we will be sharing strategies to use in the classroom to help the low learners meet with success.


Great Resource: www.disciplinehelp.com This website lists 117 behaviors that students will demonstrate, identifies the needs behind the behavior, and gives practical ways to deal with the behavior that will be best for you, the student, and your class. Check it out!!

Come see the four articles we jigsawed today. From motivating students to motivating teachers to motivational school cliimate, we definitely left motivated!!
Ideas that came from this were putting posters in the hall to encourage and inspire students. Is there a possibility that we could work with the art department and have students paint mini-murals above lockers??

Posters have started being made. Some focus on academics, some on behavior, some on character, some on personal growth and dreams. Let's go Hoover!!