This month our focus is Effective Assessment Strategies in the Classroom

Facilitated by Bonnie Henry and Laura O'Neill

In our first meeting, on November 12th, we focused on formative assessments. We introduced two strategies: Find Someone Who...Review and "What?...So What ?..., and Now What?" Then we broke into small subject area groups and brainstormed where we could use these assessments in our curriculum.

During the second meeting on November 19th, we began the session by sharing how we used the strategies from the previous session. In science, Find Someone Who was used as a microscope review by B. Henry and a cell parts review by J. Friefeld. Both teachers had positive results using this assessment. Two new techniques were introduced: SOS- statement, opinion, support, and Unit Collage. The group discussed how these models could be incorporated into his/her classroom. The teachers were very receptive to the SOS strategy and plan to use it to for open-ended response writing.